Phone plans are not the same in the United States as they are in Mexico. Most people in Mexico add minutes to their cell plans as they use them. In order to get additional minutes added to their plan, people in Mexico swing by a store an apply a TopUp to their cell plan. Because Clip has so many merchants around Mexico our team decided to bring a TopUps feature to each of our Clip Merchants. The TopUps feature will allow all Clip merchants the ability to add minutes to anyones cell plan within Mexico straight from the Clip mobile application.


Our team noticed that a number of our merchants competitors were able to add minutes to their customers cell plans. This is a huge deal in Mexico considering the amount of people with cell plans. Our team decided to build a simple experience inside of the Clip mobile app that would allow anyone to TopUp their cell plans at any location that transacted using Clip.



TopUps is a simple tool. Three steps and you are done! There are only a few providers and the amounts customers are allowed to TopUp are limited to four amounts so the design was pretty straight forward


  1. Simple design that allows a merchant to perform a TopUp in less than a minute

  2. TopUps are charged to the cell plan immediately so a double check on the phone number needed to be implemented

  3. A TopUp cannot be combined with another purchase so TopUps needed to be a separate experience that does not allow the user to navigate away without first clearing progress.



After the initial white-box session a series of user flows and wireframes were created to understand the users journey. Once I get a few mockups put together I will begin to document each of the screens in the user flow.